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Nanny Training

An educated nanny is a quality nanny. Increase your knowledge base and expand your caregiving and earning potential.

While of course much of the caregiving skills and knowledge childcare workers can be transferred to nanny care, working as a household employee requires a much different approach to caregiving than those taken by other types of childcare providers.

Specialized nanny training can help nannies understand the unique role that they play in the lives of the families that they work for and equip them to work effectively as private in-home childcare providers.

The specialized nanny training offered at British Nannies Academy not only teaches childcare providers how basic childcare principles can be transferred to an in-home environment, but provides nannies with the knowledge they'll need to successfully navigate the nanny/employer relationship and the practical aspects of working as a private household employee.

Nannies who invest in continuing education

  • Demonstrate that they are invested in their careers
  • Show commitment to improving their knowledge base
  • Have access to higher paying jobs
  • Earn more than those who do not have additional education

Students will earn their professional nanny certificate when they successfully complete all course lessons and the final exam.

Increase your earning potential by enrolling in our professional nanny training program today!