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British Nannies Academy

IELTS Coaching

British Nannies Academy is one of the best training institute for IELTS coaching. IELTS denotes International English Language Testing System. It is a test which is taken to check and evaluate the British English efficiency of an individual. By far, this is the most popular and apex in British English Language test that is conducted across the world for the purpose of: Study, Work and Immigration.

British Nannies Academy is a right choice for you as it gives you more exposure and scope and take you to the zenith of success.


  • Professional IELTS trainers with five years experience
  • Exam oriented Training and Exam strategies
  • Shortcut Reasoning Method to trace out Reading answers
  • Tips in Listening Skills
  • IELTS way of Logical writing Techniques for Academic and General
  • Traditional speech practise to face
  • Professional self introduction step
  • Frequently asked speaking Topics and questions by Examiners
  • IELTS key connectors both for Writing &Speaking
  • Model Speech Recording and Evaluvation
  • Long Turn Speaking
  • Group Discussion for all the four skills
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