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Spoken English Classes - Vocabulary Driven Spoken English Module

Our Academy provides internationally certified Spoken English courses. In today's world, being able to speak English is crucial for both social and career success. Learn how to speak confidently and correctly to anyone, taught by our expert faculty.

Experience our revolutionary teaching techniques! No boring lectures - all our classes are interactive and involve role-playing, group discussions, projects and more!

As India is the fastest growing economy in the world, leading companies of developed and developing nations are keen in having close network with emerging Indian companies. In order to meet the world standard, many Indian companies are forced to hire candidates with impeccable language ability.


  • Experienced and Certified Trainers All the teachers at British Nannies Academy are certified and have had extensive experience in teaching Spoken English and communication skills.
  • Innovative Teaching Methodologies At British Nannies Academy, we make sure to use the most advanced and internationally successful language training techniques to ensure our students are getting the best English and communication training.
  • Small Interactive Classes Our curriculum includes role plays and group activities to ensure every learner is enhancing their language and communication skills.
  • Modern Classrooms All our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology to ensure we can deliver the best training to our students.